casey adams and jd michaels
have partnered to create


Possibility Engineers
a dynamic worldwide collective 
inventing and constructing positive initiatives
in community, education and identity.
We are professional tinkerer polymaths,
dedicated to empowering education, community, and identity.

Our collective of artists, scientists, and remarkable humans allows us to approach critical thinking with a uniquely diverse range of expertise.

As creative engineers, we approach any challenge with a combination of the practical, the scalable, and the incredible.
As artists, we celebrate relevant absurdity.
As people, we practice and believe in the raw power of unapologetic joy and kindness, viewing every person through the verbs that define them rather than the nouns with describe them.

We make stuff and are exceptional problem solvers.
We focus on three areas:

We are dedicated to defending access to the skills and information kids (and adults) need to build a brighter world.

We identify empathic harmonies within groups by building bridges of common passion and experience.

We believe that everyone should best identify with the VERBS they represent over any noun or adjective.
our initiatives


We realized that we will never get true diversity in movies without diverse stories to tell. So we started a publishing imprint for creative fiction from artists with specific life experience, with new characters [detectives, scientists, lovers, cowboys, aliens, lawyers, and much more] in tales that naturally resonate the authors' unique perspectives.

Our Premiere Season featured the Deaf and Disability communities - works were compiled, designed, entered into the Library of Congress and then commercially published with all profits going directly to the artists. Upcoming seasons will invite artists from America's foster system, then residents of towns under 10,000.

StoriesAboutUs is a place of pure imagination where everyone can imagine being anyone, with characters best defined by what they do – while holistically including as yet untapped worlds and situations.

studio workshop

At a partner's event promoting media talent from the Disability community, a young man expressed disappointment that he would never be given the chance to act, even though he thought he might have been good at it, because of his disability and the way the world actually was.

Well, we didn't agree. Strongly. We wrote a script and sent it to him 10 mins. later and he agreed to be in it. Then 13 other people volunteered, and we wrote 5 more scenes.
(BTW, he was right – he IS good at it.)

The joy and validation of creating art is a human right. This initiative creates films and audio plays from the enthusiasm, humor, and determination of individuals that "the world" may not be wise enough to engage.

Success Academy + 
Tannen's Magic

The good people at Tannen's Magic wanted to reach out to the kids of NYC during the epidemic and offer a bit of the wonder of their famous Magic Camp with a focus on minority communities.

We partnered with them to create a 6 week curriculum, where the performance and mastery skillsets involved in magic were echoed in messages of confidence and leadership, then conducted two sets of classes with Success Academy of New York City.

And Tannen's has continued the program, because it was just so much fun.


Lights! Camera! Access!

LCA is an incredible group of mentor and career education experts, executive produced by Tari Hartman Squire, who conduct national training seminars for artists and technicians from the Disability community who seeking employment in film, media, advertising, and television production.

We have partnered in developing their online component, allowing individuals with low mobility the opportunity to participate in the program, as well as an "education ladder" structure where those who revisit the program earn greater experience and responsibilities, directly preparing them for the types of jobs they're looking for.

Autistic Reality  

We have been honored to partner with Autistic Reality,  designing and publishing the book Veni! Vidi! Autism! and producing all three seasons of The Autistic Reality Podcast.

Autistic Reality was established by Alec Frazier, author/advocate/scholar and member of the autistic community, to provide quality advocacy for the disabled population (with an emphasis on autism) while helping others facilitate their work through photography, social media, events planning, editorial work, and other public relations measures.

While Alec's sudden death in 2021 left us all openly stunned, the unrelenting focus of his work and intent serve as persistent and clear direction to continue the work for which he held such infinite passion.
Veni! Vidi! Autism!
We're clever, but not delusional.

Our method is to promote balance by identifying and putting into action unique, original tangible positives to practically compensate for established societal negatives.

We make good stuff happen where we can to offset bad stuff happening where we're not. [It's like planting trees to fight carbon emissions; only we're working against, say, selfishness and mayhem.]
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